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Skybridge prides itself on innovation and delivering successful outcomes for our clients, driven by every member of staff at Skybridge.

Our stakeholders have very high expectations of us. We respond by recruiting excellent people, providing them opportunities to grow and learn across a range of projects. 

Key areas of employment within Skybridge include:

  • Customer Program Teams – Support the programs we deliver for our clients
  • Field Operations Team - Supports the Field Technician base including providing the coordination point for jobs, providing technical support, undertaking Quality Assurance, and the recruitment and training of Technicians
  • Health and Safety – designing and implementing systems to ensure all staff and contractors have a safe workplace across a range of work types
  • Logistics - Supporting the dispatch and receipt of all goods to the warehouse
  • IT Development - Responsible for all software development relating to our in-house database which underpins all operational and management aspects of the business