Benefits for Clients

As the leading innovators in the field service industry, we are able to provide a tailored solution to our clients focused on getting the job done, managing areas of risk and eliminating customer complaints. 

We are the end to end solution

We provide a fully integrated service that combines order management, customer service, hardware procurement, warehousing, logistics and service delivery into a seamless package. Click here for more detail on each feature of our delivery service.

Unparalleled national coverage

With over 1,000 installers nation-wide spread across metropolitan, regional and rural Australia, we have the best coverage of technicians to service your project. Further to this, we constantly recruit additional technicians through our rigourous engagement program to ensure we have capacity to deliver our clients' future needs.

System-driven approach delivers outcomes

Since 2006, Skybridge has invested over $10 million in the SIMON system and its mobile companion application utilised by our technician workforce, Skyportal. SIMON has proven to deliver unmatched operational efficiencies and strong customer outcomes in high volume field programs.

System integration

Our flexible data exchange interface ensures that all stakeholders have access to consistent, accurate information while eliminating data processing tasks for each party. Additionally, Skyportal delivers seamless data exchange with our field workforce, eliminating paperwork hold ups while enforcing data accuracy.

Continuous Improvement

Individually designed for each program we deliver, Skybridge’s ISO-9001 accredited quality assurance program incorporates desktop audits for 100% of completed field activities, comprehensive training, a field audit program and a mandatory technician self-audit program facilitated through SIMON. 

Uncompromised health and safety

Skybridge’s AS-4801 accredited safety management system incorporates years of continuous improvement and extensive consultation with field technicians and WHS experts.

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