What We Stand For


We recognise that it is not enough to merely comply with laws and regulations but imperative to abide by the highest ethical standards.  We routinely examine our business practices to bring more transparency, openness and accountability into our relationship with all of our stakeholders.


Through the SIMON system, all project-related activities are automatically logged. As our client, you have full visibility of all our activities through SIMON’s client portal, updated in real time as work orders are actioned by our project teams, or by field technicians (through SIMON’s mobile companion “app” utilised by technicians, Skyportal).


Since the company’s inception in 1999, Skybridge has led the industry in finding a better way to deliver field projects. The tools we have to track projects and enable effective stakeholder communication are unmatched in our industry. Of equal importance, we constantly seek further ways to add value to our clients through technology, and make a significant annual investment in system development to support this.


The key to managing risk in field projects is having the ability to collect and monitor field data. SIMON’s ability to track every activity enables our project teams to identify potential issues early, and implement pro-active measures to contain the issue.


We know that a lot of companies claim that safety is their number one priority. However, most companies have a bureaucratic approach to safety, which does not provide effective safety outcomes. 

Our approach is different. For a safety program to be effective, it needs to be integrated into the daily life of every staff member and field technician. We facilitate this through mandatory staff safety training, compliance audits on all completed field activities and  "lock-step" technology incorporated into Skyportal.


As your field service partner, we take responsibility for delivering successful outcomes for your project. At the commencement of each project we commit to a set of service level agreements, developed in consultation with our client. We are transparent in our reporting on SLAs and hold ourselves accountable to delivering on our commitments.

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