Program Delivery Teams

Specialist Support Teams

Each of Skybridge’s specialist teams reports to the Program Team as an internal client, and are integral in the delivery of each project we deliver. 

The specialist support teams at Skyrbidge include:

Work Health Safety

The WHS team provides expert advice, and implements processes for management, employees and  contractors to ensure our Health and Safety obligations and standards are met. Additionally, the WHS team manages quality accreditations and legislative requirements and maintains Skybridge’s quality accreditation in ISO9001 and AS4801 ensuring continual improvement. This includes maintaining the WHS Integrated Management System, development and review of WHS policies and procedures and management of WHS incident investigations. 

Providing WHS leadership by establishing and maintaining a culture of best practice for WHS, the WHS team oversees the design and delivery of Skybridge training programs to facilitate WHS understanding by all program participants. 

The WHS team also undertakes on-site technician safety audits on a regular basis and provides management with regular safety reports.

Technician Support

One of Skybridge’s cornerstones is to provide excellent service to our technicians. A critical aspect to this is providing prompt support while technicians are on site. This enables our technicians to maximise their outcomes in terms of jobs they complete, while providing a better customer experience and reduced WHS risk. Skybridge’s dedicated technical support team assists technicians when technical issues or non-standard installations are encountered at customer sites. This is a value added service provided by Skybridge and has the added benefit of reducing the workload on Primus Technical Support. Tech Support is staffed by technicians with years of hands-on field experience and expertise in VSAT and fixed wireless installation.

Technician Engagement Team

Our technician engagement team is responsible for ensuring we have sufficient field resources in place to service our contracts with respect to geographic coverage, installation volumes, service level agreements and skill compliance.

The team oversees our comprehensive engagement process which includes recruitment, screening, training and certification of technicians. Additionally, Tech Engagement is responsible for overseeing ongoing compliance with mandatory documentation and further training for the 1000+ technicians engaged by Skybridge.


We commonly deal with high volume, highly complex logistics operations that involve freight movements to remote areas of Australia including offshore islands. Our Logistics team is responsible for managing the procurement, warehousing and movement of installation equipment to meet the ongoing needs of each program we service.

Software Development

One of the key elements in managing high installation volumes is to have a streamlined, system-driven process that provides visibility to program staff and external stakeholders to monitor the rollout. To facilitate this, Skybridge invests over $3 million per year in ongoing development of SIMON (Skybridge Information Management Online Network) to enhance its program rollout capabilities.

Skybridge’s software team is responsible for the ongoing development and management of SIMON to suit the needs of each program we deliver. 

Quality Assurance

Having a comprehensive QA program to monitor the quality of the rollout is essential to ensuring that work is being performed to standard.

The Quality Assurance team is responsible for ensuring that field tasks adhere to both Skybridge’s standards and the requirements set out in the program. The QA team prepares technical work instructions, approves equipment for use and audits field technicians. The QA team is also the escalation point when a potential QA issue is identified during our Desktop QA process, performed by the program team on 100% of completed installations.


The SIMON system facilitates accurate invoicing, including a function for our client to perform daily approvals which has proven to address potential issues associated with invoicing for complex high volume rollouts.

Additionally, the Recipient Created Tax Invoice feature in SIMON ensures our technicians receive regular payments and fast resolution of potential disputes.

The finance team is responsible for overseeing these processes, as well as managing cashflow to support our programs and reporting to the Senior Management team on the financial health of the program.

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