Customer Scheduling

Scheduling that works for end customers and field installers

Our customer scheduling model is proven to deliver positive outcomes for our clients, including:

  • Timeliness of contacting customers to arrange each field activity is monitored
  • All required data is captured from the customer to ensure the technician is prepared for successful field activity completion
  • Ensures that field activity is carried out within service level agreement.
  • Customer is aware of what will take place on day of field activity
  • Technician takes “ownership” for installation dates provided
  • Technician’s time utilisation is maximised by optimising job routes to reduce travel
  • Allocates resources to support weekend work to ensure that any scheduling or technical issues encountered on the day are able to be addressed

Jeopardy Management

A key driver of customer satisfaction is having installation services provided professionally and on-time. Skybridge constantly monitors installation success rates to ensure we proactively manage this outcome. Initiatives we have implemented to enhance installation success include:

  • Emailing and SMS confirmation of scheduled installations to customers.
  • Scheduled installations constantly updated on the Skyportal app to provide technicians with visibility of upcoming installations.
  • The Field Workforce management team monitoring each technician’s upcoming schedule and daily telephone contact to pre-empt any potential issues.
  • The Technical Support team providing phone-in support to technicians who may be experiencing issues on site.
  • Technicians being equipped with spare stock to address potential issues associated with faulty equipment.
  • Providing visibility of job status to all stakeholders, including our client, field technicians and the Skybridge Program Management Team.

The role of jeopardy management is to identify and address issues that may potentially have a problem being completed at its designated installation time, and minimise the impact of any delays through effective communication with each stakeholder.

Customers with Special Needs

When delivering volume programs, it is important to recognise that some customer groups have non-standard requirements. Through programs we have delivered we have developed a number of methodologies to meet the needs of these customer groups, including:

  • Establishing a Special Needs Taskforce within the program management team.
  • Utilising Translator and Interpreter Services to facilitate telephone communication.
  • Utilising technicians who have received specialised training in special needs customers.
  • Encouraging customers with special needs to have a relative or friend present at the time of installation.

Through this specialised approach we can ensure that we maximise the number of potential customers who will receive the service we are rolling out on behalf of our clients.

Skybridge Scheduling
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