Quality Assurance

The specific components of our QA programs include:


Detailed work instructions for technicians are developed for each type of work undertaken. As part of continuous improvement the work instructions are regularly revised as feedback is collected from  quality assurance audits.

Additionally, our model allows us to issue updates to policies and procedures through the Tech Update module in SIMON. The tech update module allows information to be broadcast to technicians at any time. Technicians must acknowledge they have read the update before they can utilise other functions they require to access in SIMON. 

As part of ISO9001 certification, Skybridge has developed policies and procedures for quality and safety. Policies and procedures are catalogued through the Integrated Management System, another module of SIMON and are available to staff . Where relevant these policies and procedures are made available to technicians through the technician portal. Skybridge’s ISO9001/AS4801 certified policies and procedures cover business operations including:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Work Health Safety
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Asbestos Management
  • Training
  • Work Instructions
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Management obligations and accountability
  • Human resource management
  • Reporting


Technician training is carried out by Skybridge in-house trainers with Cert IV in Training and Assessment. In addition to technical competency, the training program includes modules on WHS (including working at heights and asbestos awareness) and quality assurance.

Technicians are assessed and formally rated by trainers delivering each module. Written and verbal examinations are completed by the technicians. Trainers review results for the assessment, and advise the Technician Engagement Team if the technician is suitable to work on the program.

Desktop Quality Assurance

Through Skyportal, the mobile companion tool for SIMON, technicians electronically submit all job completion details for assessment. Specifically trained staff perform Desktop QA check on 100% of jobs submitted, assessing the following:

  • Scope of work completed
  • Photograph compliance
  • Serial numbers are correctly captured
  • Notes made by the technician
  • Technicians have completed checklist tasks (such as ensuring that work area has been left clean)

Any items of concern discovered during desktop QA are escalated to the Quality Assurance team. The QA team may determine that (1) the technician needs to return to site, (2) a field QA team member is to attend the site for further investigation, (3) the technician needs re-training or (4) the work is acceptable and the job is closed off . The QA team is responsible for ensuring that each item is followed up.

Through Skyportal, the mobile companion tool for SIMON, technicians electronically submit all job completion details for assessment. Specifically trained program staff perform the Desktop QA check on 100% of jobs submitted, assessing a detailed checklist of items established for each program we deliver.

Skyportal Quality Assurance

Field Quality Assurance

The Field Quality Assurance team Skybridge employs in-house QA officers to perform field QA and WHS audits on technicians. The primary role of the field QA team is to ensure both quality and safety standards are met when a technician is attending a customer premises.

Leadership Walks

Skybridge undertake leadership walks with staff and senior management. This will ensure the entire company from the CEO to customer care coordinators will have firsthand exposure to the customer installation process and a greater understanding of the risks facing customers and technicians.

Field Audits

Field QA Officers carry out field audits through Skyportal, allowing data and photographic evidence to be electronically catalogued in SIMON for review by the QA team. The SIMON system automatically schedules the following audits in accordance with each program’s QA plan:

Post installation audits

Skybridge recommends post installation audits be carried out on an agreed number of jobs each  month. The post install audit covers quality aspects of the installation including:

  1. Customer satisfaction.
  2. Correct scope of works has been completed.
  3. Serial numbers are accurately captured.
  4. Tidy installation performed that meets Australian standards.

Live installation audits

All Skybridge technicians undergo periodic live installation audits. The live audit includes all items on the Post-Install audit, plus safety related requirements including:

  1. Adherence to Safe Work Methods Statement and Safe work Procedures.
  2. Possession of the correct documents.
  3. Safety equipment present, in good working order and meeting Australian standards.
  4. Condition of vehicle.

Technician Self-Audit

The technician self-audit was introduced in 2011 to further enable Skybridge to remotely monitor technician compliance with our policies and procedures.

The Self-Audit Works As Follows:

  1. Jobs are randomly selected by SIMON for self-audit.
  2. When a technician has completed all practical work associated with a job and is awaiting sign-off from the customer, the technician receives a notification through Skyportal that a self-audit is required.
  3. The technician must immediately upload photographic evidence of safety equipment and documentation, including their Safe Work Methods Statement and ID badge. Skyportal will only accept photos taken in real time and the technician will be locked out of the system if the correct information is not provided at time of audit. Specific information inspected in the Self Audit are as follows:
    • SWMS form.
    • A blank risk assessment document, should he/she require to complete a risk assessment whilst on site.
    • General PPE with such items as; a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, steel cap boots, overalls, etc. 
    • First aid kit.
    • Harness and working at heights equipment.
    • Australian compliant ladder.
    • Fire extinguisher.
    • Asbestos management equipment
    • Clean storage area in vehicle.
    • Photo of parked vehicle, ensuring the technician has parked his vehicle in a safe location.
    • Close up photo of the his harness remove-from-service date.
  4. The technician is unable to proceed to job sign off until all required photographic evidence has been supplied.

Remediation And Follow Up

The QA team can schedule remediation work for completion, and monitor the time between identification and rectification to ensure remediation targets are met. The audit log that SIMON provides allows our QA team to identify common issues for a technician. The QA team use this information to identify technicians who require retraining and/or further live audits.

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