Logistics Management

Our logistics operations program manages the risks associated with distribution, warehousing and tracking of equipment Australia-wide. 


Skybridge’s policies and procedures clearly set out delegation of responsibility for stock as it flows through the supply chain. Accountability for stock is enforced through the following processes in place:

  • All technicians receive training on stock management as part of Skybridge’s training program.
  • Serialised stock is individually scanned on a single item basis at each important point in the stock journey.
  • Mandatory stocktakes are performed by all technicians on a monthly basis to ensure that stock levels are accurate.
  • Aged stock in the field is continually assessed for risk and ordered for return if deemed necessary.
  • Stock returns (such as faulty items needing repair) are immediately flagged during the Desktop QA process and monitored to ensure they are returned to our warehouse.
  • Arrangements are made by Skybridge to have stock returned immediately for any technician no longer working on the program.
  • Controls such as partial withholding of technician payment are used to ensure compliance with our policies on stock management.
  • All stock used in each job is recorded, scanned and photographed by technicians. The information supplied by technicians is verified during the job close-off process.


  • All stock movements are tracked through SIMON, from time of placing stock order through to job installation.
  • Our logistics team carefully monitor stock levels at each location against upcoming installations volumes, and stock ordered for returns.
  • Stock in transit is traceable through SIMON’s integrated consignment tracking function which utilises a data feed provided by each courier we engage. This allows our logistics team to follow up any consignments sent to the field that do not conform with expected delivery times.
  • If our client chooses to provide stock on consignment, full visibility of stock by location, status and usage is provided through the client portal.
Skybridge Logistics Management
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